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    She was flying out of control. Gasping for air, her chest tight, her body tensing until she was certain she would break, certain she couldn’t bear more—

    She exploded with a scream.

    Her clitoris raked against the pad of his palm as it pressed against it, her pu**y flexed and tightened around his thrusting fingers as she felt the explosive contractions that began attacking her inner flesh. His c**k jerked back, leaving only half of the steely shaft buried inside her as she felt the widening of the shaft just outside the entrance.

    His release began erupting inside her in hard, fiery spurts, filling her rear as his teeth locked in her neck and Liza began shuddering, jerking beneath him in an ecstasy, a blazing possession of her feminine spirit that she had no hope, no desire to ever retain.

    She wanted nothing more than this pleasure. Nothing more than being held by her Breed, her mate. Being held by him, protected by him—

    “Oh God, Stygian,” she cried out, unable to hold the ragged words inside any longer. “Oh God, I love you. I love you.” She was sobbing the words, the vows, the promise to always hold to him, to follow him, even if it meant following him into death.

    Stygian growled at her shoulder, his hips jerking, pushing the swollen mating knot against her rear cheeks as another fiery blast of release filled her as her pu**y tightened on his fingers in yet another clenching shudder of rapture.

    She was lost in the pleasure, in the possession, and in the Breed she knew would never leave her aching and lost.

    She no longer had to hide, at least not from this man. Here, in his arms, she was who she was, whoever she wanted to be, however she needed to be.

    Right here, held to him, she was safe, protected and loved.

    She’d suffered hell and then lost herself. Now, in his arms, in his love, she’d found paradise and herself. And she knew he’d protect them both with the same fierce determination and strength of will he’d used to find her.


    Stygian would hold her forever.

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