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    Chapter One

    “Easy, Red. Fuck yes, baby, there we go, take it all.” Red, or Kimberly Madison, lay back on the walnut table, her hands tied to the straps attached to the sides of it, her legs elevated by Sax as he slowly fed his c**k up her tight, well-lubricated ass.

    Her head thrashed on the hard surface; beads of perspiration dotted her face, her full luscious br**sts and peaked ni**les. It ran in rivulets down her waist, a small amount pooled in the tiny indention of her bellybutton and her thighs glistened with it and the added mixture of thick juice that accumulated from her bare, flushed pu**y.

    Sax had her thighs spread wide, bracing them with his muscular arms as he slowly f**ked the petite little redhead while she screamed and bucked against him, begging for release. It was a sight Jared Raddington was certain would be burned in his mind forever.

    He hadn’t expected this when he accepted membership with The Club, and he sure as hell hadn’t expected it when he left the Madison estate, furious that Kimberly had left before his arrival. She had been making a habit of it in the past six months, disappearing just before he arrived.

    Why he had taken such an overwhelming interest in her, he wasn’t certain. She wasn’t the type of woman who normally attracted him. She was smaller, barely five four to his six two. She was rounded rather than model slim with full br**sts, lush hips and a delightfully rounded little tummy. He could imagine the pale curve of her stomach decorated with a jeweled belly ring, perhaps emeralds to match her beautiful green eyes. And above all else, he could see her in his bed, his dick tunneling up her ass rather than Sax’s, his hand spanking the soft curve of her bu**ocks, her voice screaming his name rather than the other man’s.

    Long, fiery red curls fell over the side of the table, strands of thick silk that would have caressed her hips but brushed the floor instead. Hair that dared a man to touch, stroke.

    “Please, Sax,” she screamed as she fought the bonds. “Let me go. I can’t come like this. Please.”

    Dark male flesh glistened with sweat as the hard thrusts increased, the bronzed length of his c**k powered up the snug little channel in driving strokes, parting the exquisite curves of her ass and filling her with every inch of his dark, steel-hard erection.

    Jared felt every muscle in his body tighten at the primal demand in her voice. She was poised on an agonized peak of need, a peak he wanted to push her over. The sight of another man’s c**k up her ass, stretching that little entrance, tormenting her with the pleasure/pain of every thrust was driving him crazy. Would she enjoy a ménage with the same brutal hunger?

    Jared rose from his chair in the secluded corner he had chosen hours ago when he entered The Club. His first night there he wanted to get a feel for the place and the members, but he hadn’t expected the shocking scene that had unfolded.

    Kimberly had walked in as pretty as you please, ordered a drink and stepped over to the tall, dark engineer for Delacourte Electronics. For the first time in the year Jared had known her, she was without makeup, her expression displaying honest, bare emotion, even if it was lust, and the thin veneer of cold haughtiness she presented to the world was gone. This wasn’t the ice princess he had come to know. This woman was wild, fiery hot, a witchy temptation no man could resist.

    “Harder. Please, Sax, please.” She was nearly in tears now, begging for release. She strained against the bonds that held her, her hips writhing against the hard penetration of a thick dick tunneling up her ass in increasing strokes.

    Her clit was swollen, peeking desperately above the folds of flesh that protected it, the little knot of nerves red and glistening in hunger.

    “What’s with her?” Jared finally questioned one of the other members sitting close to him.

    He thought he knew her, had thought that seducing her into his hungers would take time and finessing. He had been wrong. But he suspected that the woman he was seeing now wasn’t the total picture of who and what Kimberly was, either.

    “Red?” Lucian Conover’s voice softened as he glanced at the scene. There seemed to be an odd note of affection in his voice, distant, sympathetic. “Too much stress usually. She shows up about every three months, usually after the forced physical to prove she’s still a virgin, and lets off some steam. She’s a good kid.”

    Kid? She was twenty-four years old and screaming now for release, begging another man to f**k her ass harder, deeper. If it went much deeper, she’d be giving the bastard a head job as it came up her throat. She was tiny, barely five four, delicate and as fragile as a fairytale princess. Or so he had thought. No fragile princess could take a c**k up her ass like that and beg for more.

    “Forced exam?” he finally found his tongue long enough to ask.

    Conover grimaced. “That’s Senator Madison’s daughter. Her mother’s will stipulated that she had to be a virgin on her wedding night to collect whatever the hell her inheritance was. Evidently Daddy dearest wants it,” he sneered. “He had a judge order the quarterly exams to prove she was still eligible to inherit upon her wedding, whenever that may be. Should she fail the test, the good ole Senator collects it all.”

    Jared clenched his teeth at the information. He knew Madison was a bastard, but even this was more than he had expected from the man. The tension in the Madison household was always elevated when Kimberly was there. She had rarely spoken more than a few words in his presence, and was more often than not arriving late and leaving early to whatever function she showed up for. Why his mother had married the bastard he still hadn’t figured out. And though he knew about the exams, he hadn’t been entirely clear on why.

    “Damn you, Sax,” she screamed. “I can’t stand this.”

    Jared barely controlled his own flinch. Her voice echoed with a dark hunger that he knew the other man would never quench.

    She was being tortured with her own sexuality. He could hear the dark cravings in her voice, the carnality that made his loins tighten with his own hunger.

    “She needs clitoral stimulation,” Lucian told him, his voice low. “Sax will have to delay it until he gets her to the point that he can get her off easily. The only members here today, besides him, are married.” There was a thread of amusement in his voice. “Except you.”

    The Club wasn’t a brothel. It was just as the name implied, an atmosphere where men whose base desires went deeper than most. The married men there had never been known to touch another woman, but the unmarried men were often thirds in occasional ménages with the other men’s wives. They were drawn together because of their need to dominate their women’s sexuality, to bring them the ultimate release, the ultimate pleasures. It was a men’s club, but one created as a support base for those whose desires often crossed the line of acceptable depravity.

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