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    His c**k pulsed with burning hunger at the thought of working inside her, nearly obliterating any other need from his mind.

    That guiding instinct remained steadfast instead.

    To pleasure her.

    To ensure she knew, forever, to the depths of her heart and soul that no other man could ever pleasure her, could ever stroke her or satisfy her or fulfill the emotional needs he felt inside her.

    Emotion that had begun as fascination, then as attraction, and was only now easing into a fully developed devotion, a love that could span the decades they could have together.

    It was a love he was determined to encourage. A love the animal inside him seemed to understand, to crave, and was determined to encourage.

    He would argue with her, push her, challenge her. He would never allow what they had to become boring, stale, or predictable. The animal instincts inside him would always know which way to turn.

    The man would always know how to whisper the words; the animal would understand how to ensure them.

    As his tongue pressed into the tight center of her flexing pu**y, a growl rumbled in his chest at the rain-sweet taste of her. The slide of silken juices and the sound of her rising moans beginning to fill his senses.

    This was what he had longed for.

    Her hands buried in his hair, fingers clenching in the strands as she fought to hold him in place as the pleasure began to tighten inside her. The slide of her heated moisture caressed his tongue as he f**ked it inside her, tasting her, building her pleasure, determined to lock her soul to his as her release exploded.

    Seconds before she could melt into that oblivion he came over her, the throbbing, sensitive crest of his c**k pressing against her, a growl escaping his lips as his head bent to her shoulder and the man he was lost himself to the animal as it rose inside him.

    KITA CRIED OUT in a pleasure so exquisite she swore she couldn’t bear it.

    Her lashes drifted open as she felt the head of his c**k begging to press inside her as his teeth pressed against the curve of her shoulder, beneath her neck.

    She knew what was coming. She hadn’t carried his mark, despite the fact that mating heat had been driving them insane for weeks.

    Merinus Tyler and her sister-in-law, Sherra, had told her what to expect when it came, but nothing could have prepared her for it.

    His teeth raked over her flesh as he began to work the thickly engorged crest of his erection inside her. Tight, hard thrusts that forged a path of burning flames through her pu**y, stretching the tender tissue, exposing nerve endings that screamed into life as the broad head parted them and the thick shaft caressed them.

    Aching, desperate sensations began to pulse through her vagina. A deep-seated torturous response that silently demanded more. Always more. Harder, stronger, deeper.

    She felt taken, possessed, and still, it wasn’t enough. She needed more.

    “Creed,” she gasped his name as she felt the next thrust, powerful and fierce bury the heavy flesh in to the hilt.

    Her legs lifted, wrapped around his hips. Her head arched back, grinding into the pillows as her hips lifted, demanding more.

    “Yes, Kita,” he groaned. “Press up, baby. Give me that sweet pu**y. Every tight inch.”

    He was buried until he could go no farther before he pulled back and thrust in again, his hips shifting, plunging as he began to f**k her with hard lunges that sent a cry tearing past her lips.

    This was life, and it was living.

    The brutal ache building in her vagina had her writhing beneath him, her pu**y tightening further, that ache coiling around her clit as she felt her womb tightening, an agony of pleasure beginning to burn, to ignite. The snug walls of her pu**y milked the hard flesh thrusting inside her, sucking at him, stroking, drawing him deeper as each thrust became harder, faster, lightning striking over her clit, burying to her womb until it ignited a release that had her screaming his name as rapture began to lance through every nerve ending in her body.

    She felt his teeth sink home, the fact that he had broken the skin barely registering as she was swept away by sensations so brilliant, so exquisite there was no thought, no memory, no sense of self.

    There was only them. His c**k flexing and pulsing inside her as he began to come, the feel of the thick, heated extension protruding from beneath his c**k to lock him inside her, to stroke against a hidden bundle of nerves that only had her exploding again, harder, brighter, than ever before.

    She was crying his name, strangled sounds that she doubted made sense as she was carried away on a wave of pure, blinding sensation.

    She swore she felt not just his body, but something more. She felt him, wrapped around her soul, protecting her, his strength cushioning her heart should she need to find solace.

    She felt him holding her inside. Felt him bound to her as she had never been bound to another.

    In that moment, Kita felt him become her mate.

    “I love you.” Barely coherent, the words were torn from her lips. “Creed, I love you . . .”

    And that love was answered.

    A whisper at her ear as his teeth lifted from her flesh.

    “My soul,” he groaned, shuddering in his release. “Sweet God, Kita, you’re my soul.”

    And his lips covered hers again. His tongue took her mouth, his moan fed hers.

    A kiss as sweet as it was demanding. As binding as it was primal.

    It was the kiss that dreams were made of . . .

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