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    But the animal genetics, primal and powerful, and the human genetics had had enough of the battle they had fought. They had, in those rare cases when it was needed, merged and enhanced the human side, creating a male who would give his mate the best of both worlds. One that would die for her, one that would fight to live for her. A mate who finally saw, who finally understood it wasn’t about always being safe.

    It was about being together and creating their own safety.

    Creating their own world where they could.

    She wasn’t just a mate, she was a warrior.

    She wasn’t just a warrior, she was a mate.

    And she was loved.

    Gideon watched.

    He waited.

    But still, she wasn’t there. Honor wasn’t there, and Judd hadn’t shown himself.

    The deputy chief of police arrived within hours of the successful apprehension of the Council soldiers who had arrived to kidnap both Lawe and his new mate, Diane.

    Only three had lived, but that was the way of it.

    He watched as the girl, Liza, had been escorted into the hotel and taken to the suite of the director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, and he waited.

    He listened. The electronic device he had placed picking up exceptionally well.

    Jonas arrived with his mate.

    The alphas arrived.

    Lawe, Rule and Diane Broen arrived.

    “Ms. Johnson, we need your help,” Jonas stated softly.

    “You need more than my help, you’ll need several good lawyers.”

    Liza Johnson wasn’t happy.

    “We just saved your life.” Jonas stated.

    “Your people endangered it,” she snapped. “Let me tell you now—”

    And nothing.

    He stared at the hotel. Glared at it.

    He tapped the headphones. There wasn’t even static.


    Jonas stared at the device Diane handed him, located by another of the altered detectors Thor had tinkered with.


    The signal had piggybacked on their own wireless devices and betrayed them.

    And he had no idea how long it had been in his rooms.

    Or if there were more.

    Turning to Lawe and using the motions of sign language he indicated a full suite, white noise, as well as jamming technology.

    Gideon had just upped the ante.

    Jonas stared back at Liza Johnson and in the scent of her fear, learned something more.

    He smiled slowly.

    The game was just beginning.

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