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    "I don't think I can hold out that long," she panted, feeling the excess juices that gathered and built between her thighs.

    She ached for him. Ached with a need that went beyond the heat that seared their hungers, one that went to her soul. She wanted him inside her again. She wanted that affirmation, that proof that they were alive.

    "You don't have to hold out long, Grace," he groaned, his fingers parting the tender flesh as he tongued her clitoris.

    Sensation raced from the bundle of nerves, struck her womb, clenched it, and sent her arching, tilting her hips closer, as the need for orgasm began to thunder through her. She was desperate. Didn't he know she was crazy for this now?

    "It's been too long," she cried out, as she felt his fingers fill her rather than the thick length of his cock. It was good. It was wickedly good, the feel of his fingers caressing her inside, parting her pu**y and rubbing against sensitive nerve endings. But it wasn't enough. It wasn't what she hungered for. Even as his fingers slid deep inside her sex, flexed and stroked the tender tissue, she was begging for more. His tongue licked around her clit, tightening it with agonizing need, as the nerve endings pounded with the need for release.

    He nuzzled his lips against it, drew it inside his mouth, and suckled her with firm heat and disastrous results. Grace exploded in pleasure, the clitoral orgasm whipping through her, jerking her muscles tighter, and causing her nails to bite into his shoulders, as he rose before her. The violent contractions of release were still thundering through her body, when he gripped the backs of her thighs and lifted her.

    Grace curled her legs around his hips on instinct, forcing her eyes open to watch him in drowsy pleasure, as he tucked the head of his c**k against the mouth of her vagina.

    "I love you," he groaned raggedly, as he began to press inside her, the silky preseminal fluid filling her, sensitizing her further. "Like the flower loves the sun, the earth loves the rain. You're my life, Grace Anderson Slaughter."

    She felt her heart melt for him all over again. That happened at least a dozen times a day, and it was always fresh, always new.

    "I love you," she gasped, as he continued to slide inside her, stretching her, parting her, burning her.

    "You're my soul, Matthias. My sun and my rain." Her back arched, as he seated his erection fully inside her.

    Grace felt her muscles flexing, tightening around the width of his cock, and sending brilliant shards of exquisite pleasure racing through her. They raked her nerve endings, embedded her soul, and whipped through every cell of her body.

    Words weren't needed now, only gasping cries of pleasure and the hard thrusts and acceptance of the heat burning through them. His c**k shuttled inside her hard and deep in luscious strokes. Grace twisted in his grip, taking him, stroking him, tightening on the hard, heavy length of his cock, as she began to tremble in his arms.

    She could feel her orgasm coming now. It was tightening in her womb, through her muscles. Her clit was distended, her ni**les hard and aching, as they rake against his chest. She was on fire. Burning. Sweating, despite the water rolling over them, and exploding in his arms as she screamed out his name. His release followed. The thickening in the center of his c**k spread across her sensitive pelvic floor muscle, causing it to spasm and contract, to milk tighter at his flesh, as a snarl of pleasure left his lips. The additional swelling didn't affect the entire length of his cock, just that one portion, the section that aligned just above the delicate vaginal muscle, effectively locking him inside her. The blast of his se**n inside her triggered another orgasm, not as fierce or as hard. This one was gentler, easing through her rather than exploding over her nerve endings. As it ended, Grace found herself still pressed against the shower wall, as Matthias trembled against her. Cool water sprayed over their overheated bodies, washing away the perspiration that would have coated them, but doing little to still the heat that had raged through their bodies. Her hands stroked his shoulders, her lips pressed against his neck. Grace held him to her, absorbing the hard spasms that gripped his muscles with each spurt of his release. With each eruption, the hard swelling inside her throbbed, pulsed, and sent tremors of response racing through her. Like mini-orgasms clenching her womb. With each spasm, she tightened on that thick swelling, causing another pulse of his release to blast inside her. Causing him to shudder and groan in her arms.

    "This this is ecstasy," he whispered at her ear. "This, Grace, is home." She felt tears fill her eyes. Home . Matthias finally had a home, and it was her. She buried her head against his broad shoulder and thanked God for the Breed that had found her.

    "That, was worth waiting for," she panted minutes later, as the swelling of his c**k receded and he slid out of her, groaning.

    "I couldn't handle having to wait like that again," he informed her, his breathing hard and heavy, as he lifted his hand and touched the scar on her chest. "Never again, Grace." Her hand covered his. "I'll always be a part of you, Matthias. No matter what. Just as you'll always be a part of me."

    He shook his head. "I took a job at the hotel. I'm head of security. You're assistant manager, and I have every assurance you'll be promoted to manager before much longer. We're going to live nice, sedate lives from now on. Do you understand me?"

    He looked so arrogant. So dominant.

    Grace grinned. "I still get to climb trees."

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