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    Thank you to our fabulous family at St. Martin's Press. We heart our publisher!

    As always, we appreciate our agent and friend, Meredith Bernstein, without whom the House of Night would not exist.

    We appreciate Will Rogers High School and how cool they are to let us crawl around their awesome building and turn it into fiction. (No, none of the gorgeous art deco building was really harmed during the writing of this book!) Speaking of awesome and gorgeous—a giant THANK-YOU to our hometown community. We love how supportive T-Town is of the HoN! These folks are particularly covered with awesomesauce: The Ambassador Hotel and the Chalkboard restaurant, Moody's Fine Jewelry, Starbucks at Utica Square, Miss Jackson's, The Dolphin, The Wild Fork restaurant, Little Black Dress, the Gilcrease and Philbrook Museums, and Street Cats.

    And thank you to our dedicated, wonderful fans who have be coming to Tulsa on HoN trips! Our fans rock!

    And last but totally NOT least: Thanks, Josh! for the Okieisims, but mostly for taking the reins.

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