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    Shifters Unbound
    Shifter Made(Shifters Unbound, book .5)
    Pride Mates(Shifters Unbound, book 1)
    Primal Bonds(Shifters Unbound, book 2)
    Bodyguard(Shifters Unbound, book 2.5)
    Wild Cat(Shifters Unbound, book 3)
    Hard Mated(Shifters Unbound, book 3.5)
    Mate Claimed(Shifters Unbound, book 4)
    Lone Wolf(Shifters Unbound, book 4.5)
    Tiger Magic(Shifters Unbound, book 5)
    Feral Heat(Shifters Unbound, book 5.5)
    Wild Wolf(Shifters Unbound, book 6)
    Mate Bond(Shifters Unbound, book 7)
    Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures)
    The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 1)
    Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 2)
    The Many Sins of Lord Cameron(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 3)
    The Duke's Perfect Wife(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 4)
    Mackenzie Family Christmas(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 4.5)
    The Seduction of Elliot McBride(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 5)
    The Untamed Mackenzie(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 5.5)
    The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 6)
    Scandal and the Duchess(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 6.5)
    Rules for a Proper Governess(Mackenzies(Highland Pleasures), book 7)
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