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    Irin Chronicles
    The Scribe(Irin Chronicles, book 1)
    The Singer(Irin Chronicles, book 2)
    The Secret(Irin Chronicles, book 3)
    Elemental World
    Building From Ashes(Elemental World, book 1)
    Waterlocked(Elemental World, book 1.5)
    Blood and Sand(Elemental World, book 2)
    The Bronze Blade(Elemental World, book 2.5)
    The Scarlet Deep(Elemental World, book 3)
    Elemental Mysteries
    A Hidden Fire(Elemental Mysteries, book 1)
    This Same Earth(Elemental Mysteries, book 2)
    The Force of Wind(Elemental Mysteries, book 3)
    A Fall of Water(Elemental Mysteries, book 4)
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